College Band Musical Decisions

With regards to our college band, along the way we made some recent musical decisions that would define our sound; the main one being using a synth. We decided on using a synth instead of a bass, as to have a more electronic and experimental sound. The synth also provides us with an array of sounds at our disposal, which we utilise well depending on the section of the song; for example a lighter sound with clean guitar and then a heavy distorted tone with distorted guitar in the breakdown. Our other musical decision was to include a sample pad, which will be activated during various sections of the songs. The samples will be of famous dictators/public figures and taken from various YouTube videos, and then ripped off using


“Morning Run”

This video represents our interpretation of the poem known as “Morning Run”. The performance was at The Musician, and was performed in an acoustic style, but also had the use of some synths within it too. This is evidence that we utilised what was given to us as a task and we completed the task at the time of the gig performance here. Within the video, you can see an acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and a sample pad being used, but the vocals and synths were out of shot, despite still being there and being heard.

College Band Rehearsal 19/5/17

This picture represents the new material we are composing in the band. This session, we managed to organise the bounced wav files and put them onto the sample pad. After taking note of which pad to hit for which sound, we are now practising the material combined with these quotes. We are also intending on writing another song in a similar style and to perform them both for end of year gig, so next rehearsal will involve more practise on the piece as a whole.