Copyright Dispute Conclusion

After sending off my dispute to YouTube against UMG, I today received the news via e-mail that the copyright claim they have made still stands. Thus making the video obsolete and cannot be viewed by anyone besides myself via my own account. This is a common problem for a musician to come across with YouTube and other owners, obviously with regards to specific content being used. This is an experience I will take from, as I now will be more aware on what content can and can’t be used in the future.


College Band Rehearsal 12/5/2017

Today’s band rehearsal consisted of continuing our progression towards playing the end of year gig. We looked into adding more samples to our list, this list already consisting of quotes of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. The new samples we chose were quotes from Richard Nixon and George Bush, and we intend on looking into quotes from other political figures such as Theresa May and Boris Johnson for example. We also practised the actual music too, and then next practise will consist of us organising the samples fit within the structure of our composition too.

Copyright Dispute

Capture This is a screenshot of the ongoing dispute with the copyright claim on my latest YouTube video. Due to my dispute, it has currently allowed viewers to watch the content without any problems, although I will have to wait on the response from UMG to see whether they will allow me to keep the video up. The screenshot shows that fact that there is a potential 30 day wait to hear from them, but until then my video will be able to stay up as a normal video would. The actual reason for the copyright claim is because of the backing track I downloaded online as an MP3 and then put into Logic Pro X, as the screenshot shows the content on which UMG are claiming copyright on. The website has backing tracks on there that are more than likely submitted by other users of the site, so there is no real way of telling how they were able to create the backing track in the first place, leading to this copyright situation.

YouTube Copyright Claim

After uploading my latest video (guitar cover of smooth criminal by alien ant farm), I had found out that other YouTube users were unable to view the video. This was due to UMG making a copyright claim on my video, as I was supposedly using content that I didn’t have the rights for. I have since disputed this claim, stating that all my other videos are also valid through using the same means, I am not making any personal gains from the content besides being graded for coursework, and other YouTube users are using the same content, receiving thousands of views and aren’t being chased down for copyright themselves, so I should be in the same position as them. I should receive a response from UMG within 30 days as to whether they will remove this claim or not, so there is a chance that the video will be available to the public, but there is also a chance that I will have to remove it completely.

Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal (Guitar Cover)

This video is of my 6th guitar cover for my freelance project, the song I have covered is Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm. The process with recording the video and uploading it is still going smoothly, as using Logic Pro X, NERO 2016 and a GoPro camera has been very successful for me so far. One thing I would potentially look into doing better next time would be with the mix of the audio, as I feel I could have potentially made the audio for my guitar slightly louder compared to the backing track itself, but fortunately it doesn’t ever get drowned out, so it ultimately doesn’t matter too much. Originally, having 5 videos was my benchmark, but I will carry on doing them if I have the spare time, due to other coursework commitments too such as guitar assessments potentially taking up the time instead.

College Band Rehearsal 3/5/17

Today’s band rehearsal involved finding and getting the samples we intend to implement within our original pieces. This picture is a list of options we were thinking of, and in the end we went for all of them bar Cool Hand Luke, due to Guns ‘n’ Roses doing this already. We used a YouTube video ripper and then put the files into Logic and cut them to the bits that we want to use. We now need to put them onto the sample pad and decide when they will come in within the music.

P.O.D – Alive (Guitar Cover)

This is a video of my 5th guitar cover, which is of Alive by P.O.D. Like 3 of my previous videos, I stuck with the process of recording the video with the GoPro camera and the audio was recorded straight onto Logic Pro X, and then edited with reverb and a little bit of off screen recording for the final chorus. Also, the audio and video were then edited via NERO 2016 and exported as an MP4 file and then uploaded straight onto YouTube. Overall, the video went well, although there was one minor mistake with the end of the bridge section. So one thing to improve upon will be recording audio with no errors, but generally the sound chosen and the reverb fitted in well. I am still in the process of deciding my next video, despite hitting my 5 video benchmark for the project I intend to still upload more when I can. The video will most likely be either For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica or Inside The Fire by Disturbed.