College Band Rehearsal 26/5/17

Our rehearsal today involved tightening the performance of the song we have completed. We are still adjusting to the timings of the samples but it is now nearly at a performance standard. We now need to write new material and get new samples along with it too.


My Masterclass

This video is of the masterclass I recorded on the 23rd of May. I decided on teaching some guitar basics, which is something I know I’m confident in teaching. I provided two electric guitars, one for each of us, and some sheets, as well as then record it via my smart phone. The lesson starts off by looking through how to warm up, which includes stretching and chromatic playing; the rest of the lesson then takes a look at the A Minor pentatonic scale, open chords and power chords. Overall I would say the lesson went well, as I managed to cover the time by generally sticking to the plan but then adding some more onto the end with the power chords and strumming patterns. The feedback I received was positive, but I also still personally know what I must do to improve, which would include usingĀ a metronome for example.

“Morning Run”

This video represents our interpretation of the poem known as “Morning Run”. The performance was at The Musician, and was performed in an acoustic style, but also had the use of some synths within it too. This is evidence that we utilised what was given to us as a task and we completed the task at the time of the gig performance here. Within the video, you can see an acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and a sample pad being used, but the vocals and synths were out of shot, despite still being there and being heard.

College Band Rehearsal 19/5/17

This picture represents the new material we are composing in the band. This session, we managed to organise the bounced wav files and put them onto the sample pad. After taking note of which pad to hit for which sound, we are now practising the material combined with these quotes. We are also intending on writing another song in a similar style and to perform them both for end of year gig, so next rehearsal will involve more practise on the piece as a whole.

College Band Rehearsal 17/5/17

Our main aim for this practise was to find more samples to then utilise for our next original song. The top layer of stems shows the order in which we have set out the samples for the first song, and the lower set of stems will be towards the next song. We also were jamming some new ideas for the new song, still using distorted electric guitar and a synth with various sounds. We have also bounced the first set of samples and we intend to put them on to the sample pad to then put to our piece.

Copyright Dispute Conclusion

After sending off my dispute to YouTube against UMG, I today received the news via e-mail that the copyright claim they have made still stands. Thus making the video obsolete and cannot be viewed by anyone besides myself via my own account. This is a common problem for a musician to come across with YouTube and other owners, obviously with regards to specific content being used. This is an experience I will take from, as I now will be more aware on what content can and can’t be used in the future.

College Band Rehearsal 12/5/2017

Today’s band rehearsal consisted of continuing our progression towards playing the end of year gig. We looked into adding more samples to our list, this list already consisting of quotes of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. The new samples we chose were quotes from Richard Nixon and George Bush, and we intend on looking into quotes from other political figures such as Theresa May and Boris Johnson for example. We also practised the actual music too, and then next practise will consist of us organising the samples fit within the structure of our composition too.