P.O.D – Alive (Guitar Cover)

This is a video of my 5th guitar cover, which is of Alive by P.O.D. Like 3 of my previous videos, I stuck with the process of recording the video with the GoPro camera and the audio was recorded straight onto Logic Pro X, and then edited with reverb and a little bit of off screen recording for the final chorus. Also, the audio and video were then edited via NERO 2016 and exported as an MP4 file and then uploaded straight onto YouTube. Overall, the video went well, although there was one minor mistake with the end of the bridge section. So one thing to improve upon will be recording audio with no errors, but generally the sound chosen and the reverb fitted in well. I am still in the process of deciding my next video, despite hitting my 5 video benchmark for the project I intend to still upload more when I can. The video will most likely be either For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica or Inside The Fire by Disturbed.


Collective Rehearsal 28/4/17

This video was recorded with the intention of showing our current work in progress. We currently are finalizing the instrumental parts as shown in the video, with maintaining practice and getting tighter as a band. We will also introduce samples through the sample pad; samples of famous speeches/quotes by authorial figures such as Donald Trump and George W. Bush. This will show an obvious message to the listeners with this political stand point, as well as being able to use these samples instead of requiring a vocalist. Next rehearsal may involve us being in the recording studios, so this will be the way to get this song recorded and then experiment with samples with it once it’s mixed.

YouTube as part of a portfolio career..

In this day and age, there are hundreds upon thousands of people who upload videos onto YouTube. A lot of them are even able to earn a full time living through these means. This is based on the amount of subscribers and views per video one regularly receives, as once somebody reaches a certain benchmark, YouTube will be in contact with you to offer a partnership. Once accepted, you will have advertisements put onto your videos, such as on the side of the page, and before and/or after the video itself is played. You would then be paid per video depending on the amount of views you receive, and you would earn on average a penny per view. Some YouTubers have millions of subscribers, receiving millions of views per video, which is essentially earning a good fortune; YouTubers such as Pewdiepie and KSIOlajidebt for example are in this position, having 36 million and 17 million subscribers respectively.

Band Rehearsal 26/4/17

This is a photo of the structure change to our original piece. We have included synth instead of bass guitar, as well as sample pad effects. Next rehearsal we will practise the material to get it to a stronger playing standard, as well as write more material

System Of A Down – B.Y.O.B (Guitar Cover)

This if the video of my 4th guitar cover, which is of the song B.Y.O.B by System of a Down. Overall, the video itself and the process to make it was smooth and went relatively well. I now am comfortable with the process it takes, as I have done this with the last three videos and gained experience from doing so. NERO 2016 has been a reliable piece of software with editing my video and audio together and then exporting into an MP4. One thing I would take into more consideration for my next video will be the position of the camera, as I feel that I could have placed it so you could see all of the guitar. However, none of my actual guitar playing is cut out and still suffices, but I will take this into more consideration next time. My next cover will be of the song “Alive” by P.O.D, and should be done within the near future; hopefully next week,

Disturbed – Asylum (Guitar Cover)

This is the video for my 3rd guitar cover, which is of Asylum by Disturbed. This particular cover required some guitar parts to be recorded off camera, as to add to the backing track of vocals, drums and bass. The process with recording this was the same as the last cover I did of End of Heartache, as I bounced the audio as an MP3 on logic, recorded the footage with a GoPro and then put the two together via NERO 2016 and then uploaded it onto YouTube as an MP4 file. The next cover I intend to record and upload will be of B.Y.O.B by System of a Down, and will be done in the near future.

College Band Update – Rehearsals before Easter

We have started the foundations to our new goal as a band for the end of year gig. We have started to incorporate synths and a sample pad within our original music, whilst I remain on the guitar. The sample pad will contain samples of famous speeches and various sounds, which will fit in time to the instrumental structure. We have our first song written instrumentally, which just needs tightening, and now we will add more music to it to turn it into one long piece of music.