Collective Band Rehearsal 24/3/17

These are the targets we have set ourselves for this rehearsal. We will record videos of our two songs that we intend to play at The Cookie gig and will link them on our blogs. We also intend to write some forms of lyrics and then if all goes to plan then we can work on other ideas too.


Where I get my backing tracks..

This URL is the link to where I found the backing tracks I currently have used for my videos. The website consists of a wide variety of bands and a selection of their repertoire, which has been submitted by other users of the site. Due to this, some of the backing tracks are of poor quality and often lack the original vocals too, leaving just drums and bass. I always intend to play to a backing track which has the vocals in it, because that’s how the original songs I’ve chosen have been written. The website only consists of backing tracks for guitar however, hence the name of the site, so if I ever intended on doing a bass cover then I would have to find them elsewhere. The actual selection of songs available does restrict me to a degree, as the majority of the songs are the most popular songs done by the bands, so other songs may not be available. This especially applies to backing tracks having lack of vocals, as the most recognizable songs tend to have the vocals whilst others often don’t. Despite these restrictions, I have been able to find backing tracks that are usable for me, so this allows me to go through with my intended project as a whole a lot more smoothly. The backing tracks are always imported onto Logic and mixed so the levels aren’t too loud, due to the vocals, bass and drums being on one single stem. I have it all playing out loud through speakers whilst recording, and then import the video without audio, so the only audio is the higher quality from Logic itself. Everything is then exported altogether (video and audio).

Business/Workskills To Do List 

  • Practise Masterclass on my own
  • Prepare format for how I will record the masterclass
  • Do the masterclass and submit it via moodle
  • Record me playing Asylum and End of Heartache with GoPro and onto Logic
  • Export videos to audio and edit to work for every digital format
  • Upload videos onto YouTube
  • Learn and perfect next 2 songs: B.Y.O.B and Sad But True or For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • Sort out backing tracks on Logic for them both
  • Record myself playing both songs with GoPro camera and edit the videos to upload
  • Upload videos onto YouTube
  • Update blog during the whole process 

Freelance Update #3

There has been some progression towards the next two guitar covers that I intend to record and upload. The backing tracks for The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage and Asylum by Disturbed have been finalised, with the original drums, bass and vocals combined with off camera recordings of rhythm guitar sections recorded by myself. Both songs will be recorded with the same format as my first cover, with using a GoPro camera for the video and then recording onto Logic Pro X for the audio. The actual footage should be recorded within the following week, and one video will be uploaded a few days after the other, depending on what takes place.

Band Rehearsal 17/3/17

These are our targets we set ourselves for the lesson. We have recorded our 2nd song fully onto Logic and it has been put up onto soundcloud. We have also chosen a band name called “Collective”, and our song names will be roman numerals. Lyrically, we will most likely either have Jared do heavy vocals whilst drumming or bring someone else in to join us and make it a 4 piece. 

Next session, we will most likely tighten up what we have now and then work on a potential 3rd song.