24/2/17 Band Rehearsal

This particular band rehearsal resulted in a band line up rearrangement, as Sophie has moved over to a different band, leaving us as a 3 piece. We have decided to utilise heavy vocals and will write Heavy Rock based original pieces. The aim for the next band session will be for me to compose various guitar riffs to have at our disposal, which then we will then take them and structure these riffs to create full songs. 


Musician Gig – Self Anaylsis

At The Musician gig, we performed our original piece using the poem and the cover of Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. Personally, I believe that we performed them to a good standard. This is because of the lack of musical errors, and our sound was how we wanted it to be. We individually performed our parts well and took full advantage of the equipment provided, such as the sample pad and the keyboard; as well as guitar and bass. 

22/2/17 Band Rehearsal

As a band, we discussed what our next step will be. We have decided to take our acoustic original and turn it into a Heavy Rock version with slight adjustments. Sophie will now do rhythm guitar and I will do lead guitar utilising lead lines over chords. The actual song structure itself will be the same, although we may extend the bridge section to include a guitar solo. We have also decided to add a cover and to write another original to our repertoire in preparation of the gig at The Cookie. 

8/2/17 Band Rehearsal

This band practise was the main practise for the acoustic gig at The Musician. This was also the first practise with the full band where we were able to rehearse our full set. We have been able to sort out he final sound which includes using a keyboard, alongside a sample pad, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and vocals. We will perform our original piece using the poem lyrics, and we will also do a cover of Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. 

Band Rehearsal 3/2/17

Our goal for this session was to run through our 2 songs in preparation for the acoustic gig on Thursday the 9th. Our original piece is finished and pretty much to a performing standard, whereas our other song needs work bit will be ready for the gig. We’ve got the structure down but we just need to get it to a performing standard too, which won’t be a problem. 

Band Practise 1/2/17

The main thing we achieved within this band practise was choosing a second song and learning it. We decided to do an acoustic cover of Don’t Get me Down by The Chainsmokers, and we’ve generally got it down. We will need to practise this to a performing standard alongside our original and next time we will also look at and potential 3rd song.