Band Practise 26/01/17

The main thing we did within this band practise was make another instrumental change, with Tom changing to acoustic bass instead of acoustic guitar. Otherwise we played over our finished written piece and are also still deciding on what 2nd song to play. At the moment we are looking to do “Sway” by Moose Blood. 


Band Practise 20/01/17

Our original acoustic piece appears to be finished and now just needs tightening to a performing standard. I have switched to acoustic guitar which had worked out better than I expected and Sophie is now playing the bass part on keyboard. We will practise this and also get it recorded, and then look to another potential acoustic song, which may be an acoustic version of one of distorted covers. 

College Band Practise 18/01/17

We have continued progress towards the acoustic gig by nearly finalising our original piece. The structure of the song is complete and just needs to have finalised lyrics, which will utilise the poem part of the business projects. We will have a couple minor changes to make too which includes changing the pre-chorus and I will also have to switch to an acoustic guitar instead of clean electric. On Friday we will look to record the song after the tweaks are made. 

Friday 13/01/17 

Today we managed to have a full band practise, where we looked towards getting more prepared for the acoustic gig coming up. Our bassist Tom will play acoustic guitar and drummer Jared will sit on the cajon. We will need to tweak a few things and finalise a bridge section but overall we are making decent progress and will consider what to do next to add to the set (cover or another original). Regardless, we look to carry on creating our own music up until we finish college. 

Wednesday 11/01/17 Bands

Our college band attended the Sue Townsend Theatre instead of regular practise. Instead, we volunteered to be a part of Tech students assessments by being the band they test live sound on. This had us play through our covers like a regular rehearsal, but within a different environment. 

Our original band goals have also slightly changed, with us planning on preparing for the acoustic gig and composing an original piece for it. We have also been asked to record one of our covers, so this will be added to our short term goals.

Plan for Friday’s Band Session 

Our aim for this session is to finalise what instruments we are going to incorporate, as well as what effects we could include and structure originals. The instruments we are thinking of adding are pedals, a sample pedal and and a violin.

 We also need to use the poem within an original piece to meet the brief. So with composing lyrics we will look at that altogether.