New Year Band Goals

When we return January 4th to college, our main band goal will be to produce some original content. I will begin this process by composing my guitar parts over the holidays, and when we return we will have a starting point to then build upon from. 

We would also then work on making our sound fit the four of us, as one of our covers may have sounded slightly empty due to lack of rhythm guitar. I will utilise my Nova System and make music that would be interesting to listen to. 


Christmas Gig

Last night’s gig at the Sue Townsend Theatre for our college band (Careless) was overall good. 

From my perspective on the right hand side of the stage playing guitar, my monitor worked fine, as I was able to hear myself as well as everyone else. The performance itself went well overall, as I made little mistakes and felt that as a band we were tight. 

The main thing I would improve for myself was with perfecting the first song “Kids on Drugs” by The Excerts. As we belatedly changed the key of the song and I had to transpose the chords, so remembering the chord progressions better would be key. 

From a bands perspective, not everyone’s monitors worked as well as mine, so hopefully next time that issue would have been resolved.