Recording Session


As a college band, we recorded one of our covers with the techs. The process went really well, as we recorded the drums and had the bass and guitar DI’d through into the computer and then Logic. The vocals were then done afterwards and the whole thing has been mixed and we have received a copy of the mix. The song we recorded is Sixteen Saltines by Jack White.


Andy R Masterclass 25/11/16

Tomorrow there will be a guest speaker attending the college called Andy Robertson. 

We will be taking notes on how the masterclass is done, such as with the class layout, his back story, the information obtained and the main thing we will take from the class as a whole.

The main topic will be on Latin music and we will all be taking part with the lesson including practical as well as notes. 

College band full update

As well as this poem project, we have been deciding on some covers to do to expand our repertoire. We have moved on from the original covers we were given and have decided to choose our own. 

So far we have been working on a cover of Kids on Drugs by The Xcerpts, which has been going well and should also be recorded soon too. 

Hylion Covers Update

Next Tuesday we will be recording our version of Closer by The Chainsmokers and then shortly after it will be mixed and finally uploaded onto our YouTube channel! We will also upload alongside it the process we took to prepare it and possible bloopers too so stay tuned.

Poem Project

My college band and other college bands have been set the challenge of taking a poem and composing our own music using the poem as lyrics. 

We have decided to write a distorted ska type song, with off beat chords in the verses and also an off beat breakdown section because we can. 

We will record this when it’s finished and it will be for charity too!